Halloween Vibes

Pumpkin Patch

Pink pumpkin with heart by Shannon Kay Pumpkin by Lost Letters pumpkin by Daryl Sun pumpkin by artwork pumpkin by onlywonder

My pumpkin:

Pink pumpkin with heart by Shannon Kay

Save my pixel pumpkin and use it in your own pixel pumpkin patch. email me with your pixel pumpkin so that I can add it to my patch! Pumpkin template by Lost Letters



cat by artwork


For anyone who might find this article helpful, Halloween: More Christian Than Pagan by Beth Allison Barr



This is a collection of photos mostly of my kids enjoying the Halloween season. October is one of my favorite times to get pictures of my kids doing fun things like visiting a pumpkin patch and wearing their costumes. You can see even more of my photos of this season in my Halloweentime photo gallery.

Trunk or Treat Pumpkin Patch